Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Writer: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Lopez-Lavigne, Rowan Joffe, Jesus Olmo
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau, Catherine McCormack, Imogen Poots
Released: May 10, 2007
Rating: (MA)
Runtime: 100 minutes
Story: The sequel to the 2003 horror hit, "28 Days Later."

The creative team of Danny Boyle, Alex Garland, and Andrew Macdonald are back to re-invent the zombie movie yet again with the sequel to "28 Days Later." Lead by director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, "28 Weeks Later" picks up six months after the Rage virus has decimated the city of London. The US Army has restored order and is repopulating the quarantined city, when a carrier of the Rage virus enters London and unknowingly re-ignites the spread of the deadly infection, wreaking havoc on the entire population.
Robert Carlyle Don
Rose Byrne Scarlet
Jeremy Renner Doyle
Amanda Walker Sally
Shahid Ahmed Jacob
Harold Perrineau Flynn
Catherine McCormack Alice
Garfield Morgan Geoff
Emily Beecham Karen
Idris Elba Stone
Beans El-Balawi Boy in Cottage
Imogen Poots Tammy
Chris Ryman Rooftop Soldier
Mackintosh Muggleton Andy
Meghan Popiel DLR Soldier