Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Starring: Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Ian McShane
Released: March 15, 2007
Rating: (PG)
Runtime: 95 minutes
Story: The late U.K. journalist Joe Strombel (Ian McShane) is being mourned by his colleagues - even as, stuck in limbo, Joe remains committed to pursuing a hot tip on the identity of "the Tarot Card Killer" at large in London. But how can his legwork get done now? Via the very much alive Sondra Pransky (Scarlett Johansson).

Sondra is an American journalism student visiting friends in London. During a stage performance by another American, magician Sid Waterman (Woody Allen), Sondra is shocked to find herself able to see and hear Joe. From beyond, he gives her the scoop of a lifetime and urges her to pursue it. Sondra immediately starts chasing the big story, enlisting the aid of a reluctant Sid (a.k.a. Splendini).

That chase leads right to handsome British aristocrat Peter Lyman (Hugh Jackman). Soon, Sondra finds that the romance of her life may well be the dangerous scoop she's looking for.
Hugh Jackman Peter Lyman
Scarlett Johansson Sondra Pransky
Geoff Bell Strombel's Co-Worker #2
Christopher Fulford Strombel's Co-Worker #3
Nigel Lindsay Strombel's Co-Worker #4
Ian McShane Joe Strombel
Fenella Woolgar Jane Cook
Doreen Mantle Joe's Co-Passenger #1
David Schneider Joe's Co-Passenger #2
Meera Syal Joe's Co-Passenger #3
Kevin McNally Mike Tinsley (as Kevin R. McNally)
Robyn Kerr Tinsley's Fan #1
Richard Stirling Tinsley's Fan #2
Jim Dunk Funeral Speaker
Romola Garai Vivian